Strengthening the Community through Historic Preservation

An alumnus of Harvard Law School, T. Eric Galloway is the founder of Lantern Organization which develops affordable housing for populations with low incomes in New York. Sensitive to the needs of his local community, T. Eric Galloway is also the founder of Galvan Foundation operating in the City of Hudson, New York.

Founded in 2012, the Galvan Foundation has a mission to improve the quality of life of all Hudson residents, with a keen focus on those who are vulnerable and economically disadvantaged. The organization does this by operating a grant program that works closely with local charities in its four core initiatives, one of which is historic preservation.

For historic preservation, the Foundation has strongly supported the restoration of the iconic Rose Window at the First Presbyterian Church. This stained glass restoration has played a role both directly and indirectly in the lives of many Hudson residents.

The Foundation has also worked with the Hendrick Hudson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution to restore the exterior of the historic 1811 Robert Jenkins House.

Championing environmental conservation, the Foundation has worked with the Columbia Land Conservancy to establish the North Bay Recreation and Natural Area at Hudson.

By preserving architectural landmarks and promoting environmental conservancy, the Foundation plays a role in strengthening the social fabric of the community of Hudson.


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