The Bridge Program

Eric Galloway


An experienced business executive and expert in the development of affordable housing, T. Eric Galloway is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School. Currently serving as the president of Lantern Organization, Inc., known as the Lantern Group, T. Eric Galloway is also the co-founder of the Galvan Foundation, which provides grants in support of charitable organizations in Hudson, New York.

In 2013, the Galvan Foundation grants included $150,000 to the Columbia-Greene Partnership Academy, known as the Bridge, which is a collaboration between the Berkshire Union Free, the Hudson City School District and the Catskill Central School District. The grant fully covers the financial cost of 25 students in the Bridge.

An alternative education program, the Bridge program provides academic and behavioral supports to special education students and 16-year-olds at risk of dropping out of school. Through individualized interventions, small classroom teaching, tutoring, and workforce readiness, the Bridge program works to ready students for re-admission into a high school program. Alternatively, the program also prepares students for enrollment into a Questar Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. In addition to these educational efforts, students are also provided with social and behavioral education that helps them to manage their conflicts and emotions post-graduation.


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