Effort to Turn a Historic Hudson, NY, Building into a Community Store

Hawthorne Valley Association pic

Hawthorne Valley Association
Image: hawthornevalleyassociation.org

With a background as an attorney, T. Eric Galloway functions as the president of the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, Inc., in Hudson, New York. Eric Galloway emphasizes projects involving the re-use of historic buildings in ways that benefit local people, particularly those who are economically vulnerable.

As reported in the Register-Star, the Foundation has been involved in planning the use of its Arcade building at Warren and Fifth Streets for a Hawthorne Valley Association (HVA)-operated grocery store. The building was redeveloped and initially slated for a Filli’s Fresh Market location. When that plan fell through, the idea of partnering with an organization that is committed to serving the needs of local residents was proposed.

As part of the planning process, the Galvan Foundation has administered a $20,000 planning grant to the HVA that focused on a “listening tour” of the local community. This has an aim of assessing the actual needs of those who live in the neighborhood. If approved to go forward, the store would offer a broad spectrum of affordable grocery items, with a focus on fresh produce. In addition, a learning center for community members from disadvantaged backgrounds could be created on the building’s second floor.


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