Education Grants Made by the Galvan Foundation

Galvan Foundation pic

Galvan Foundation

T. Eric Galloway serves as the president of the Lantern Organization, Inc., which oversees the development of real estate projects. Outside of work, Eric Galloway is dedicated to giving back to his community.

Mr. Galloway cofounded the Galvan Foundation to serve the people of Hudson, New York. Over the years, the foundation has given grants to a number of educational organizations that have greatly impacted the community.

The Galvan Foundation gave a $15,000 grant to the Hudson Family Literacy Program, which helps individuals meet their educational goals and promotes literacy in Hudson. The foundation has also supported the Bard College Dream to Achieve Program, which provides after-school tutoring to high school students. The program is run by students in the Bard master of arts teaching program.

To increase opportunities for underserved students, the Galvan Foundation offered $150,000 to the Columbia-Greene Partnership Academy to cover tuition for 25 students from Hudson. Perfect Ten After School, a curriculum for girls from fourth grade through graduation, has received more than $80,000 from the foundation to develop its programs for at-risk girls.


Effort to Turn a Historic Hudson, NY, Building into a Community Store

Hawthorne Valley Association pic

Hawthorne Valley Association

With a background as an attorney, T. Eric Galloway functions as the president of the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, Inc., in Hudson, New York. Eric Galloway emphasizes projects involving the re-use of historic buildings in ways that benefit local people, particularly those who are economically vulnerable.

As reported in the Register-Star, the Foundation has been involved in planning the use of its Arcade building at Warren and Fifth Streets for a Hawthorne Valley Association (HVA)-operated grocery store. The building was redeveloped and initially slated for a Filli’s Fresh Market location. When that plan fell through, the idea of partnering with an organization that is committed to serving the needs of local residents was proposed.

As part of the planning process, the Galvan Foundation has administered a $20,000 planning grant to the HVA that focused on a “listening tour” of the local community. This has an aim of assessing the actual needs of those who live in the neighborhood. If approved to go forward, the store would offer a broad spectrum of affordable grocery items, with a focus on fresh produce. In addition, a learning center for community members from disadvantaged backgrounds could be created on the building’s second floor.

What Are Grants and How Do They Work?

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Galvan Foundation

In 2012, T. Eric Galloway and Henry van Ameringen founded the Galvan Foundation. Also known as the Galvan Charitable Trust and Galvan Initiatives Foundation, this organization operates in Hudson, New York, with a mission to help enhance the quality of life of the region’s less fortunate residents. With experience in the nonprofit sector as counsel and a housing development associate at Settlement Housing Fund in New York City, Eric Galloway helps a wide range of organizations and community projects by providing grants through the Galvan Foundation.

Grants are basically contributions or gifts offered by the government or a private organization. Private organizations such as the Galvan Foundation are more likely to concentrate on emerging issues and pressing needs that are not yet generally recognized as special interests. They also have greater flexibility in responding to proposals and unique needs than their public counterparts. Grants awarded by private foundations can greatly vary in amounts. For instance, the Galvan Foundation can award grants up to $50,000.

The Robert Jenkins House


Robert Jenkins House pic

Robert Jenkins House

New Yorker T. Eric Galloway is the cofounder and trustee for the Galvan Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization, and the president of the Lantern Group, an affordable housing developer. Through his work at the Galvan Foundation, T. Eric Galloway helps to funnel grant funds to local community agencies that improve the lives of regional residents.

In 2014, the foundation awarded a $25,000 grant for historic preservation to the Hendrick Hudson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) to restore the exterior of the historic Robert Jenkins House. The NSDAR was established in 1896 and was presented the house as the permanent home for the chapter in 1900.

Built in 1811 by Robert Jenkins, who went on to serve as mayor of the City of Hudson for two terms, the Robert Jenkins House is a structure of historical significance and is featured on the New York State and National Registers of Historic Places. In addition to multiple artifacts such as Civil War-era weapons, the home houses a collection of Hudson regional genealogy in its Genealogical, Research, and History Reading Room. The Robert Jenkins House is open to the public.

The Bridge Program

Eric Galloway


An experienced business executive and expert in the development of affordable housing, T. Eric Galloway is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School. Currently serving as the president of Lantern Organization, Inc., known as the Lantern Group, T. Eric Galloway is also the co-founder of the Galvan Foundation, which provides grants in support of charitable organizations in Hudson, New York.

In 2013, the Galvan Foundation grants included $150,000 to the Columbia-Greene Partnership Academy, known as the Bridge, which is a collaboration between the Berkshire Union Free, the Hudson City School District and the Catskill Central School District. The grant fully covers the financial cost of 25 students in the Bridge.

An alternative education program, the Bridge program provides academic and behavioral supports to special education students and 16-year-olds at risk of dropping out of school. Through individualized interventions, small classroom teaching, tutoring, and workforce readiness, the Bridge program works to ready students for re-admission into a high school program. Alternatively, the program also prepares students for enrollment into a Questar Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. In addition to these educational efforts, students are also provided with social and behavioral education that helps them to manage their conflicts and emotions post-graduation.

The Galvan Foundation Establishes New Community Center

Hudson Armory Building pic

Hudson Armory Building

Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector as president of the Lantern Group, T. Eric Galloway established the Galvan Foundation in 2012. As the foundation’s founding president, T. Eric Galloway works to improve the quality of life for residents of Hudson, New York, through grantmaking and architectural conservation initiatives.

In a recent historic renovation, the Galvan Foundation worked to develop the Hudson Armory building into a revitalized community resource for the city of Hudson. Situated at the corner of 5th and State Streets, the three-story military building dates back to 1898 and housed the New York State Army National Guard for over 60 years. Designed by Isaac G. Perry, the armory reflects a medieval Gothic style and is under review for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Galvan Foundation announced the completion of the Hudson Armory renovation in January 2016, officially launching the Galvan Community Center. A longtime architectural landmark for the people of Hudson, the armory is now home to the Hudson Area Library, which will offer an expanded selection of programs for readers of all ages. In addition, the 26,180-square-foot venue offers a Community Wing intended for use by a variety of local organizations, as well as a second-floor senior center featuring intergenerational library activities and health services.

Strengthening the Community through Historic Preservation

An alumnus of Harvard Law School, T. Eric Galloway is the founder of Lantern Organization which develops affordable housing for populations with low incomes in New York. Sensitive to the needs of his local community, T. Eric Galloway is also the founder of Galvan Foundation operating in the City of Hudson, New York.

Founded in 2012, the Galvan Foundation has a mission to improve the quality of life of all Hudson residents, with a keen focus on those who are vulnerable and economically disadvantaged. The organization does this by operating a grant program that works closely with local charities in its four core initiatives, one of which is historic preservation.

For historic preservation, the Foundation has strongly supported the restoration of the iconic Rose Window at the First Presbyterian Church. This stained glass restoration has played a role both directly and indirectly in the lives of many Hudson residents.

The Foundation has also worked with the Hendrick Hudson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution to restore the exterior of the historic 1811 Robert Jenkins House.

Championing environmental conservation, the Foundation has worked with the Columbia Land Conservancy to establish the North Bay Recreation and Natural Area at Hudson.

By preserving architectural landmarks and promoting environmental conservancy, the Foundation plays a role in strengthening the social fabric of the community of Hudson.